Device Support Summary For "Infineon(Siemens) C161JI-16FF (ISP-PRO)"

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Device Parameters

Manufacturer:Infineon(Siemens) (ID=0h)
Part Number:C161JI-16FF (ISP-PRO) (ID=D5h)
8-bit Bytes:196608
Set programming:Yes

IMPORTANT: This is an ISP solution to be used with WirePro test fixture. CMOS Single-Chip Microcontroller with 128KByte Flash Memory. The following describes the Buffer setup. Addresses [00000h-07FFFh]: Flash Sector 0-2 (32KByte); Addresses [18000h-2FFFFh]: Flash Sector 3-5 (96KByte). Addresses [08000h-17FFFh] are not used. Make sure that the default buffer value under "Buffer/Options" is set to 00h before loading data patterns.
= Supported
= This is a replacement daughter card that requires a base socket module
Manual Production Programmers

Programmer Model:27102610
Algorithm Code Revision:1.01.0
ISP Socket Modules
Engineering Programmers

Programmer Model:17101610
Algorithm Code Revision:1.01.0
ISP Socket Modules
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