Device Support Summary For "Lattice ispLSI 2064E-100T (with adapter) TPA"

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Device Parameters

Part Number:ispLSI 2064E-100T (with adapter) TPA
Electrical Erase:Yes
Secure:Read and Program

IMPORTANT: This device requires the use of a third party adapter. Use Lattice Semiconductor Adapters : pDS4102-T100/2064E and pDS4102-28P2SAB. WARNING !!! When loading a Jedec file, reading a device, or editing the U-Field within the menu, the Device "Fuse" number may be different from the Buffer "Fuse" number. The Device "Fuse" number is the number of functional cells contained within the device. The Buffer "Fuse" number is the total amount of cells contained within the L-Field and U-Field.
= Supported
= This is a replacement daughter card that requires a base socket module
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Last Updated: 01/14/2021