Device Support Summary For "Infineon(Siemens) PX8240HDN-G008"

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Device Parameters

Part Number:PX8240HDN-G008
8-bit Bytes:65536
Memory Regions:0h-FFFFh

Device Type: Infineon Digital Power Controller
Device Memory Type: Configuration Registers
Algorithm Programming Method: PMBus
Supported Data File Format: PSF
Serialization Supported: No

Memory Organization:
Memory Type


Included in default
Range (Y/N)
DUT Physical Byte Address(hex)
(if this area is selected/Activated)
BPWin Buffer Byte Address(hex)
Configuration Registers R/W/E Yes 4000 - 40FC Determined by data file
Default Algorithm Range --- --- 4000 - 40FC Determined by data file
* R:Read only, W: One time programmable (OTP), R/W: readable and one time programmable (OTP), R/W/E: readable and rewritable if not locked.
Special Device Considerations:
1. Each device has a limited number of writes to the non-volatile memory (NVM).
After these writes are expired, the device will fail the Program operation and must be replaced.
Refer to the datasheet for more details.
2. The register at address 4000h must be set to 20h for programming the configuration registers.
The value in the data file will be ignored.
3. Registers at addresses 4100h or higher are read-only and contain device-specific information.
They are skipped for the Program and Verify operations.
= Supported
= This is a replacement daughter card that requires a base socket module
Automated Production Programmers

Programmer Model:3900490038004800
Algorithm Code Revision:
QFN Socket Modules
Manual Production Programmers

Programmer Model:190029002800
Algorithm Code Revision:
QFN Socket Modules
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