Device Support Summary For "Lattice LCMXO3LF-4300C-5BG256I [Support pending samples]"

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Device Parameters

Manufacturer:Lattice (ID=612Bh)
Part Number:LCMXO3LF-4300C-5BG256I (ID=C043h)
Electrical Erase:Yes

IMPORTANT: Algorithm support for this device selection is developed. Device samples are needed for QA testing and full release in BPWin. For information on how to obtain an expedited release of this device support, please contact BPM Microsystems at: Inside Sales 713--688-4600 Information on expected socket module support can be found our web page at: **Please note that receipt of device samples and QA testing must be completed before socket module support can be validated.
Device Type: PLD
Algorithm Programming Method: JTAG

Special Device Considerations: When loading a JEDEC file, reading a device, or editing the U-Field or E-Field within the menu, the Device "Fuse" number may be different from the Buffer "Fuse" number. If the JEDEC file does not contain U-Field information the U-Field buffer will be filled with 1's. If the JEDEC file does not contain E-Field information the U-Field buffer will be filled with 0's. The Device "Fuse" number is the number of functional cells contained within the device. The Buffer "Fuse" number is the total amount of cells contained within the L-Field, E-Field and U-Field. Once a device is secured using the Secure function, it will read back all 1's. Secure is Erasable. The following optional features are currently not supported: 1. Program password key 2. Read/Verify device with password 3. Program device with password 4. Advanced Security Feature
= Supported
= This is a replacement daughter card that requires a base socket module
Automated Production Programmers

Programmer Model:38004800
Algorithm Code Revision:1.01.0
caBGA Socket Modules
Manual Production Programmers

Programmer Model:2800
Algorithm Code Revision:1.0
caBGA Socket Modules
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