Device Support Summary For "Infineon(Siemens) IR35215BMTRPBF"

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Device Parameters

Part Number:IR35215BMTRPBF
8-bit Bytes:1048576
Memory Regions:0h-F FFFFh

Device Type: Infineon Flexible Power Management Unit
Device Memory Type: Configuration Registers
Algorithm Programming Method: PMBus
Supported Data File Format: Multiple Image Configuration File (.mic)
Serialization Supported: No

Memory Organization:
Memory Type


Included in Default
Range (Y/N)
DUT Physical
Byte Address (hex)
BPWin Buffer
Byte Address (hex)
Configuration Registers R/W/E Yes 0000 - 0BFF Determined by data file
Default Algorithm Range --- --- 0000 - 0BFF Determined by data file
* R/W/E: readable and rewritable if not locked.
Special Device Considerations:
1. Blank Check will check if any CNFG or User section writes have been performed.
It is strongly recommended to leave Blank Check enabled.
The first CNFG image may be programmed from the semihouse.
Blank Check will pass if only one CNFG image is written.
2. The CNFG section is limited to five image writes.
If Blank Check is disabled and there are no more write attempts,
the CNFG section will not re-program correctly.
3. The User section is limited to 26 image writes.
This algorithm will program the User image number as specified in the data file.
If Blank Check is disabled and a particular image has already been written,
the image will not re-program correctly.
4. This algorithm will only attempt to verify the last User image in the data file by image number.
5. The CNFG section should be programmed at least once.
Otherwise, the User section may not verify correctly.
6. This algorithm will only program and verify the register ranges
listed in the Configuration Register Mapping table above.
The masks in the data file will determine which bits to verify.
7. Operations on the TRIM section are not supported.
= Supported
= This is a replacement daughter card that requires a base socket module
Automated Production Programmers

Programmer Model:3900490038004800
Algorithm Code Revision:
QFN Socket Modules
Manual Production Programmers

Programmer Model:190029002800
Algorithm Code Revision:
QFN Socket Modules
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