Device Support Summary For "Infineon(Siemens) SAK-XC164CM-8F40F-AAFXQMA1"

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Device Parameters

Manufacturer:Infineon(Siemens) (ID=41h)
Part Number:SAK-XC164CM-8F40F-AAFXQMA1 (ID=ECh)
16-bit words:12615680
Memory Regions:C0 0000h-C0 7FFFh
Electrical Erase:Yes
Set programming:Yes

Device Type: Microcontroller with Flash Memory
Device Size: 64KByte Flash Memory
Algorithm Programming method: JTAG

Memory Organization:
Memory Type


Included in default
Range (Y/N)
DUT Physical Word Address(hex)
(if this area is selected/Activated)
BPWin Buffer Word Address(hex)
Flash Memory R/W/E Yes 00C0_0000 - 00C0_7FFF 0180_0000 - 0180_FFFF
Default Algorithm Range --- --- 00C0_0000 - 00C0_FFFF 0180_0000 - 0180_FFFF
* R:Read only, W:One time programmable (OTP), R/W:readable and one time programmable (OTP), R/W/E:readable and rewritable if not locked. Any configurations listed under "Device-Specific" in the menu item Device-> Settings will be written to the DUT during "Program" operation regardless of memory range selection.
Special Device Considerations:
Make sure that the default buffer value is set to 00h before loading data patterns.
The read, write protection and passwords are described under Device Configure.
It is programmed with the Secure command.
To program the Device Configure options, you must select the appropriate options in that menu, and set "Secure after programming" to 'ENABLE'.
Otherwise none of the options will be programmed with the Program command.
If a device was previously programmed with a set of passwords with read protection enabled, the device can NOT be accessed any more.
If a device was previously programmed with a set of passwords with only write protection enabled,
a stand alone Erase operation must be executed first with correct passwords before attempting to reprogram it with a new set of passwords.
After a successful Erase + Program + Verify operation, subsequent stand alone operations may fail if the Customer Data Pattern code executes
Serialization not available.
= Supported
= This is a replacement daughter card that requires a base socket module
Automated Production Programmers

Programmer Model:39004900
Algorithm Code Revision:1.11.1
QFP Socket Modules
Manual Production Programmers

Programmer Model:19002900
Algorithm Code Revision:1.11.1
QFP Socket Modules
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