Device Support Summary For "Hynix Semiconductor H26M41204HPR (HS400)"

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Device Parameters

Manufacturer:Hynix Semiconductor (ID=90h)
Part Number:H26M41204HPR (HS400) (ID=6192h)
8-bit Bytes:8804892672
Memory Regions:0h-1 EFA7 FFFFh; 1 EFA8 0000h-2 0CCF FFFFh
Electrical Erase:Yes
Set programming:Yes

Device Type: eMMC
Device Size: See below
Algorithm Programming Mode: HS400

Memory Organization Before Formatting:
Memory Type


DUT Physical Byte Address(hex) BPWin Buffer Byte Address(hex)
Boot Area Partition 1 R/W/E 0000000000-00003FFFFF 0000000000-00003FFFFF
Boot Area Partition 2 R/W/E 0000000000-00003FFFFF 0000400000-00007FFFFF
User Data Area R/W/E 0000000000-01D1FFFFFF 0000800000-01D27FFFFF
Default Algorithm Range --- 0000000000-01D1FFFFFF 0000800000-01D27FFFFF
* R:Read only, W: One time programmable (OTP), R/W: readable and one time programmable (OTP), R/W/E: readable and rewritable if not locked. Any configurations listed under "Device-Specific" in the menu item Device-> Settings will be written to the DUT during "Program" operation regardless of memory range selection.
Special Device Considerations:
1. Default Device Size: 8 GByte
2. Device size after enhancing the full user area: 3,728 MByte
3. Total number of sectors: 15,269,888
4. Write Protect Group Size: 4 MByte
5. High Capacity Write Protect Group Size: 4 MByte
7. Serialization Supported: No
8. RPMB partition is not currently supported by this algorithm.
9. General Purpose Partitions 1-4, if any, are mapped directly after the boot partitions. This is followed by the rest of the User Data Area.
10. Sizes and attributes of General Purpose Partitions 1-4 can be set under Device->Settings.
11.Each physical sector on the device has 512 bytes, however, 32 bytes of CRC-16 data must be embedded in the Data Pattern after every sector.
12.Please use Device->Image_Format to create a Data Pattern formatted with the CRC-16 bytes based on MMC specifications.
13.This algorithm verifies data after programming if Program operation is selected.
14.Enabling Erase operation will erase the full boot partitions and user data area.
15.Enhancing the user data area reduces the effective size of the device. Any data after the end of the effective size will be skipped.
16.Only data files formatted through BPWin with the .bpmhs400 extension is supported in this algorithm.
= Supported
= This is a replacement daughter card that requires a base socket module
Automated Production Programmers

Programmer Model:39004900
Algorithm Code Revision:1.31.3
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Manual Production Programmers

Programmer Model:19002900
Algorithm Code Revision:1.31.3
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