Device Support Summary For "Infineon(Siemens) SAK-TC297TX-128F300S BB QS (3-Wire Programming)"

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Device Parameters

Part Number:SAK-TC297TX-128F300S BB QS (3-Wire Programming)
8-bit Bytes:11477760
Memory Regions:0h-27 FFFFh; 28 0000h-4F FFFFh; 50 0000h-77 FFFFh; 78 0000h-9F FFFFh; A0 0000h-AE FFFFh; AF 0000h-AF 22FFh
Electrical Erase:Yes

Device Type: AURIX 32-Bit Single-Chip Microcontroller
Device Size: 8 MByte PFlash Memory + 768 Kbytes DFlash Memory
Algorithm Programming Method: DAP

Memory Organization:
Memory Type


Included in default
Range (Y/N)
DUT Physical Byte Address(hex)
(if this area is selected/Activated)
BPWin Buffer Byte Address(hex)
PFlash0 R/W/E Yes A000_0000 - A01F_FFFF 0000_0000 - 0027_FFFF
PFlash1 R/W/E Yes A020_0000 - A03F_FFFF 0028_0000 - 004F_FFFF
PFlash2 R/W/E Yes A040_0000 - A05F_FFFF 0050_0000 - 0077_FFFF
PFlash3 R/W/E Yes A060_0000 - A07F_FFFF 0078_0000 - 009F_FFFF
DFlash0 DF_EEPROM R/W/E Yes AF00_0000 - AF0B_FFFF 00A0_0000 - 00AE_FFFF
DFlash0 DF_UCB R/W/E No AF10_0000 - AF10_1BFF 00AF_0000 - 00AF_22FF
Default Algorithm Range --- --- A000_0000 - AF0B_FFFF 0000_0000 - 00AE_FFFF
* R:Read only, W: One time programmable (OTP), R/W: readable and one time programmable (OTP), R/W/E: readable and rewritable if not locked. Any configurations listed under "Device-Specific" in the menu item Device-> Settings will be written to the DUT during "Program" operation regardless of memory range selection.
Special Device Considerations:
1. This device selection requires a data file formatted using the image format tool under Device->Image_Format.
Alternatively, Read will also return the data from a programmed sample in the correct format.
Please contact BP Microsystems for information on how to use the image format tool.
2. This device selection requires the FVE2ASMR292LFBGC socket module.
To use the FVE2ASMR292LFBGB socket module, please use the SAK-TC297TP-128F300S BB QS
or SAK-TC297TX-128F300S BB QS device selection.
3. This algorithm only supports UCB0-UCB6.
UCB2 and UCB3 are OTP. UCB4 is factory set and is not programmable.
If a given UCB does not have data in the Data Buffer, it will be skipped during all operations.
The UCBs are erased prior to programming them during the Program operation, not in the Erase operation.
4. When reading a blank logical sector, there may be bit errors due to unprogrammed ECC.
Thus, it is recommended to program the entire PFlash and DFlash (DF_EEPROM).
5. Simple serialization is not supported.
= Supported
= This is a replacement daughter card that requires a base socket module
Automated Production Programmers

Programmer Model:3900490038004800
Algorithm Code Revision:
LFBGA Socket Modules
Manual Production Programmers

Programmer Model:190029002800
Algorithm Code Revision:
LFBGA Socket Modules
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